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Annabelle King by inusoragirl Annabelle King :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 3 0 The Lost Composer Of London Coverart by inusoragirl The Lost Composer Of London Coverart :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 3 0
Mature content
TLCOL Chapter 14: Reunited and War Part 2 :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 1 0
Mature content
TLCOL Chapter 14: Reunited and War Part 1 :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 0 0
Mature content
TLCOL Chapter 13: Prelude To Climax :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 0 0
Phoenix and the Tiger: Chapter 1
Summary: what if Arturo fell in love with Matsuri after the incident with the Shisuikyō incident in the game now after learning the Aizen might have a solution for Arturo problem he might be able to get Matsuri to fall in love with him.
A.N: This just a thing clear my head and get new ideas please enjoy.
Bleach is owned by Viz Media and Tite Kubo

Arturo was pacing back and forth in his quarters recently he began to have feelings for the flea no woman Matsuri Kudo it sickens him to fall in love with one of them. Yet when he looked at her, he didn't see any weakness just strength something that he loved and now since she been released from the Shisuikyō he may find a way for them to see eye to eye. He headed out to the soul society to take his mate.
Matsuri was talking Ichigo as they were walking around the rukon district then a strong spiritual pressure which Matsur
:iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 0 0
Mature content
TLCOL- Chapter 12: Beloved and Frightful Memories :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 0 0
Mature content
TLCOL- Chapter 6: Battle at the London Eye :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 1 0
Mature content
TLCOL- Chapter 7: Deals and Plans :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 0 0
Mature content
TLCOL- Chapter 10: Views of others :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 0 0
Mature content
TLCOL- Chapter 8: Rocky Funk You Up :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 0 0
Mature content
TLCOL- Chapter 9: The Beginning of War :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 0 0
Mature content
TLCOL- Chapter11: Assault on Hellsing Manor :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 0 0
Mature content
TLCOL- Chapter 5: Memories Past Part 2 :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 1 0
Mature content
TLCOL- Chapter 5: Memories Past Part 1 :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 1 0
Mature content
TLCOL Chapter 4-Confusion :iconinusoragirl:inusoragirl 1 0


We Black and White Cartoons gotta stick together! by spock-sickle We Black and White Cartoons gotta stick together! :iconspock-sickle:spock-sickle 146 13
Mature content
Male Reader x Kurumu Chapter 1 :icondonaven951:Donaven951 115 57
Tom and Snake at Howarts by BlackwingCosplay Tom and Snake at Howarts :iconblackwingcosplay:BlackwingCosplay 11 4
Mature content
Viva la Vixen :iconraxadian:Raxadian 101 6
To Stop Time - Act II (ch 12)
Your former still figure began to shift and turn as you murmured soft sounds of distress, muffled by your restless sleep.
"...Shall we try this again..?"
All you could hear were the whispers, the cries, crowding your mind, spilling out of your subconscious, filling your very being.
"'For the better'...?! What makes it so much better?!"
Sweat began to accumulate on your forehead as you continued to fidget anxiously.
"I think you need to go."
We can try again if you want, (f/n)...
"It just makes me so damn pissed! He not only closed the school, but he hurt my friends, too! That asshole--!"
You gritted your teeth, grasping at the silk bed sheets.
It doesn't have to be this way, (f/n)... we can try again.....
"Bon's in a better place..."
You trembled, the blank and distant expression
:iconverloreneprinzessin:VerlorenePrinzessin 16 22
Monochrome no Color: Yandere! Rido Kuran x reader
🎏Monochrome no Colors🎏
Rido Kuran x Human! Reader

...Human feelings are like a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors...
"Wait...why do I have to watch the Night Class today?!" I ask as I slam my hands on the Headmaster's desk. "{First Name}! Be careful, besides Yuki and Zero already did it!" He says, looking to see if his precious desk broke under the force of my hands.
"No buts {First Name}! Except your out the door!" He says, pointing to the door. I groan loudly and turn around to escape the glaring of the Headmaster. "{First Name}...I know you are scared but please just for tonight." He says, finally becoming serious for once. I sigh and continue to the Night Classroom.
'It's not that I'm scared...Senri is just being odd.' I shiver at even the slightest thought of Senri nowadays. He's been acting strange since he got back from his trip.
I become lost in thought as I walk to the Classroom, hoping that the Night Owls would go ea
:iconxxxrose-quartzxxx:xXxRose-QuartzxXx 105 19
Wheatley X Reader: Core Conversion Center
You swiped away a strand of your (h/l), (h/c) hair, long-fall boots clinking against the catwalk you were currently venturing down. A portal gun was in hand, Wheatley tucked firmly under your free arm. He had turned on the light implanted in his core, making sure you didn’t fall to your death. And ultimately his. However, as you were walking, you came across a rather long fall.
“Wheat, look down there.”
His light shone down to show where the catwalk had just suddenly fallen off.
“Oh, that’s dark, isn’t it? And a long fall. Probably not important. Not at all. The other end of the catwalk’s just over there. Must be something important on that side. But not down there. Nope.”
You didn’t listen. You never did. In fact, you held him against your side and simply jumped, hitting the bottom floor hard. It was dark and musty, the portion small and cramped by broken test chamber bits. You maneuvered around them, pulling back
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 111 57
WildeHopps - Happy Valentine's day by RobertFiddler WildeHopps - Happy Valentine's day :iconrobertfiddler:RobertFiddler 317 39
Mature content
Feline Fever: Outbreak (Part 8) :iconodachi65:Odachi65 27 81
Os and Yak by SimplyBrillig Os and Yak :iconsimplybrillig:SimplyBrillig 169 9 D'aww by SimplyBrillig D'aww :iconsimplybrillig:SimplyBrillig 187 8 Tuff by SimplyBrillig Tuff :iconsimplybrillig:SimplyBrillig 107 8 Oswald and Ortensia by SimplyBrillig Oswald and Ortensia :iconsimplybrillig:SimplyBrillig 176 12 Oh, what a knight by SimplyBrillig Oh, what a knight :iconsimplybrillig:SimplyBrillig 197 15
Mature content
An Acquired Taste (Part 1) :iconssjessiechan:ssjessiechan 2 0
FFXIV Leader of Ishgard by DreamAngel-Ren FFXIV Leader of Ishgard :icondreamangel-ren:DreamAngel-Ren 56 14


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Annabelle King
Artwork of the master behind the London's Reaper games Annabelle King!

Something I commissioned recently by the very talented RobertFiddler and please once again check out his art! He is absolutely amazing at his art and I am very so grateful for him doing my commission!




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

So I never gave a proper introduction I'm Inusoragirl, head female commentator of the small video game commentary group Omnicomms. I'm pretty much the RPG, Puzzle solving, Slice of life gamer of the group.
I also run the anime reacts with Latios where we watch requested anime as of now were in Xxxholic, and our next two series are Ouran High School Host Club and Precure. 

As said I'm a huge fan of video games and I stream when I can if you want to know me and what I love well her a run down of my favorite games.
  1. The Professor Layton series
  2. Disgaea series
  3. Devil Survivor series
  4. The World Ends with you
  5. Kingdom Hearts
  6. Pokemon
  7. Epic Mickey games
  8. Persona Series
  9. Animal Crossing series
  10. Danganronpa series
  11. The Bleach games (specifically 3rd phantom)
  12. Klonoa Series
  13. Maplestory
  14. Most of the Final Fantasy series (Current fave is 14)
  15. Humongous Entertainment
  16. Bioshock Series
  17. Dust: Elysian Tail
  18. Sonic Series (minorly)
  19. Rollercoaster Tycoon
  20. Freedom Planet
  21. Pokemon Ranger and Mystery Dungeon series
  22. Fallout Series
As for anime, I'm very free in what I like but I admit it attracted the more dark or gory kind of anime. It depends on the anime itself to be honest. The best way to find out is through this page or the facebook page "The world of Anime" which I will link below and also the Anime reacts page I will put up mine and my co-comm Latios thoughts on a series for people to see. But just give a view of what anime like here is a minor list!

  1. Bleach(My guilty pleasure)
  2. Hellsing Ultimate
  3. Xxxholic 
  4. Shugo Chara
  5. Black Butler
  6. Durarara
  7. Yugioh Series
  8. Tokyo Mew Mew
  9. Persona 4 and P4G the animation
  10. Lucky Star
  11. Clannad
  12. Angel Beats
  13. Yo-kai Watch
  14. Azumanga Daioh
  15. Ouran Highschool Host Club
  16. Gregory's house of horror
  17. Blood +
  18. Hetalia
  19. Inuyasha(Manga mostly)
  20. Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  21. Loveless
  22. Junjou Romantica
  23. D.N.Angel
And that ones I can name on top of my head there are more but those are most of them.I also do make fan fiction and am currently writing The Lost Composer of London" which is still being written. I hope we can get along and to any of the omnicomms fans ill use this page as a minor update space!

The World of…
Anime Suggestion…


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